• Associazione Paolo Scheggi

Associazione Paolo Scheggi

The Associazione Paolo Scheggi was established in January 2013.

Its official headquarters are in Via Fontana 15, Milan; there is also a branch office in Piazza 8 Novembre 6, Milan.
The aims of the association are: to authenticate, archive, conserve, and catalogue both the works of Paolo Scheggi and writings, documents, data, references, news, and any other kind of interesting material bearing on his art and life;

to collaborate with, participate in, or support congresses, conferences, meetings, seminars, and exhibitions, in other words any activity organized by third parties (for example, museums, foundations, and first-rate private collections) the object of which is the art and life of Paolo Scheggi; to take any necessary action, even legal action, against eventual falsification and/or faking of works and materials attributed to Paolo Scheggi; to offer consultancy services for works and material attributed to Paolo Scheggi.

The Associazione Paolo Scheggi does not make financial estimates of the works' value.

Paolo Scheggi
nello studio di via Tadino, Milano, 1964-1965
Ada Ardessi ©
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