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Copyright for the works by Paolo Scheggi

Franca Dall’Acqua-Scheggi and Cosima Ondosa Scheggi-Merlini, in their role as member of the board of directors and president of the Associazione Paolo Scheggi, as well as being the heirs of Paolo Scheggi and co-owners of the rights for the economic use of the artist's work, according to article 12 and successive modifications for the protection of authors' rights ("LDA"), are owners of the copyright for the works by Paolo Scheggi and are the exclusive co-owners of the rights to publish, reproduce, and communicate, in any way or form, the works of the artist to the public.
According to the abovementioned LDA, the photographs reproducing works of art cannot prejudice the rights due to the artist (or his heirs)for the works reproduced.

The rights of Franca and Cosima Scheggi include both the works belonging to them and those belonging to other proprietors.

It is therefore necessary to ask for their written authorization before supplying, in any shape or form whatsoever (even including the internet), third parties with images realized and/or owned by the supplier and which reproduce the works by Paolo Scheggi. In the request for authorization for their use, there must be a detailed specification of all the kinds of use to be made of the images.

Therefore, without the authorization, reproduction of the works, in any form whatsoever (photographic, cinematographic, digital etc.), is not allowed, except in the limited case of free use for the aims and conditions specified in the law on authors' rights.
Franca and Cosima Scheggi do not authorize, in any circumstances, the publication of images reproducing the back of the works.
The content of this site, such as texts, comments, and photographic reproductions, is the exclusive property of Franca and Cosima Scheggi (except for eventual photographers' rights) which holds the rights protected by the law on authors' rights.
The, even partial, reproduction of the content of the site, for other than personal use, is prohibited and entails the liabilities provided for by current laws.