Paolo Scheggi, "Intersuperficie curva dal giallo + blu" (Curved Intersurface from Yellow + Blue), 1966, green acrylic on three superimposed canvases, 80 x 80 x 6 cm. Private collection

"Scheggi's works need a space exactly established for them, or at least the walls on which they are isolated in relation to the other works, and if possible, inserted themselves into the wall, in such a way as to mark the wall with an autonomous rhythm. The environment of the representation is often dynamised and "empowered" by their presence, something that rarely happens in the case of traditional paintings; this evidently happens for reasons of optics and perspective, deriving from the very structure of these objects and from the apparently real dimensional metamorphoses created by the incidence of light".

Gillo Dorfles, 1966