The Associazione Paolo Scheggi was established in January 2013. Its official headquarters are in Piazza 8 Novembre 6, Milan.


The purpose of the Association is:

  • to authenticate, archive, conserve, and catalogue both the works of Paolo Scheggi and writings, documents, data, references, news, and any other kind of interesting material bearing on his art and life;
  • the promotion of congresses, conferences, conventions, seminars, exhibitions on the artistic work and life of Paolo Scheggi;
  • to collaborate with, participate in, or support congresses, conferences, meetings, seminars, and exhibitions, in other words any activity organized by third parties (for example, museums, foundations, and first-rate private collections) the object of which is the art and life of Paolo Scheggi;
  • to take any necessary action, even legal action, against eventual falsification and/or faking of works and materials attributed to Paolo Scheggi;
  • to offer consultancy services for works and material attributed to Paolo Scheggi.

IMPORTANT: The Associazione Paolo Scheggi does not make financial estimates of the works' value.