Paolo Scheggi, "Per una situazione" (For a Situation), 1962-1963, white acrylic on three superimposed canvases, 60 x 80 x 5 cm. Private collection.

“Your writing is highly intelligent, like logic. There might be a few differences between you and I, which I consider in your favour; you are a man of your time. I would only like to add that the arts are “none other” than manifestations of intelligence, the raison d’être of “man” can have no social evolution without the total evolution of man. I like your anxiety, your profoundly black, red and white paintings; they indicate your thinking, your fear. I cannot help but wish you a “happy” career, and remind you to be humble, very humble, since to “time” we are “nothing”.

Lucio Fontana, 1962