Presented here are the results of Paolo Scheggi's multidisciplinary research, conducted in dialogue with artists and experts from different fields. As can be seen, the former's formal matrix is always fully recognisable, testifying to the versatile coherence of Scheggi's research.

In particular, we can see the developments in the field of serial production that flow into multiples and limited editions, but also the close dialogue established between art and fashion, which sees Paolo Scheggi involved both in the design of jewellery and in the collaboration with Germana Marucelli, representative of Italian haute couture since the Second World War. Scheggi collaborated with the "intellectual tailor" on several occasions, both in the redesign of the couture house, together with Getulio Alvaini and Carla Venosta, and also by painting directly on the fabrics or designing the prints of the fabrics that went on to define the various fashion collections designed by Marucelli during the 1960s.

Scheggi was also called upon to work as a consultant in the visual field, from graphic design to architecture: the results are varied and demonstrate the artist's visionary contemporaneity and total approach to projects.

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