Agnetti and Scheggi at Tornabuoni Art Paris

The Paolo Scheggi Archive Association and the Vincenzo Agnetti Archive are proud to announce the exhibition

Vincenzo Agnetti and Paolo Scheggi, The Temple. The Birth of Eidos
Curated by Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti and Associazione Archivio Paolo Scheggi with Ilaria Bignotti and Bruno Corà 

Tornabuoni Art Paris
17 March - 22 May 2022

Thursday 17 March 2021 from 16:00 to 20:00

After the exhibition at the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the project The Temple. The Birth of Eidos will be exhibited at the Tornabuoni Art Gallery in Paris.

The project stems from the discovery, the scientific investigation and the restitution to the public of a four-handed work by the artists Vincenzo Agnetti (1926-1981) and Paolo Scheggi (1940-1971), entitled: Il Tempio. The Birth of Eidos. It is a work conceived by the two artists in Milan between 1970 and 1971, which remained at the planning stage due to the premature death of Paolo Scheggi. It consists of architectural drawings, sketches and notes relating to an imaginary Temple, a container for linguistic objects representing the primary forms of the social, subjectivity and power.
The importance of this project led the two archives, assisted by Bruno Corà and Ilaria Bignotti, to start in April 2020 a careful analysis and a close comparison of the more than twenty project papers found in their respective collections. After a year and a half of study, six original plates were presented at the Museo del Novecento, together with a precious folder containing a refined reproduction of the most significant plates of the project, produced in a limited edition and published by the Stamperia dell'Istituto Centrale per la Grafica in Rome, and other iconographic and photographic material from the archives.


Exhibition views

Views of the exhibition "Vincenzo Agnetti and Paolo Scheggi. The Temple. The Birth of Eidos", Galleria Tornabuoni Art, Paris, 17 March-22 May 2022